Here's what they're
saying about Zar

There isn't a family gathering where our battered, tattered Zar deck isn't dragged out and several hands are enthusiastically enjoyed. It really is a part of our family tradition and I feel bad that so few in the world know about this fun, energetic, unique card game. T.D. Springville, UT

My friends and I have a deck of your Zar cards. We have enjoyed many hours of playing with them, so many hours in fact, that we've worn them to a frazzle. We have searched high and low in hopes of finding another deck. R.C., Salt Lake City, UT

Regarding Zar cards: They are great! T.F., Huntington Beach, CA

My boyfriend and I spent an evening with his brother and sister-in-law playing Zar and we had a great time. I found it more challenging than many other card games I play with my card-playing family in Detroit. E.L., Playa Del Rey, CA

At a family reunion our cousins were excited about a game they were playing called Zar. They raved so much that we have been trying to find the game for our game-playing family. L.H., Salt Lake City, UT

Zar has become the hit of the town. Everyone in the office loves it! L.S., St. George, UT

We have enjoyed Zar very much. We would like to get a few more sets of cards for Christmas. G.R., Baytown, TX

I bought the game and taught about a dozen people. Each one of them wants his own deck. Your game is a success. G.P., Provo, UT

We really enjoy Zar! P. & B.B, Oahu, HI

Last night we played a game that you designed called Zar. We were fascinated by it. Please tell me how I can buy it; it isn't in our local stores. W.L., Boise, ID

A friend of mine played Zar with a group of his friends, and he liked it so much he went right out and bought a deck. J.H., West Lafayette, IN

My family and I had the opportunity to play the card game Zar and enjoy it very much. Since playing the game I've looked in stores in California, Nevada, and Utah trying to find it. We plan on buying it as soon as we can. M.M & R.R., Provo, UT

I gave the game to my youngest brother and he loves it. He plays Zar with his friends in school. M.N., Sweden